Guest Book

From the Guest Book, summer 2013 – our 8th Season!

June 9/13  lovely B & B!  Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and fabulous breakfasts.
– J & F

June 14/13  Thanks for your hospitality, Jean.  We slept well and ate well.  God bless you
– The W’s

June 18/13  We have had a wonderful stay in Stratford and “the Looking Glass House ” is very special.
– S & S

June 14/13  We had a lovely stay – great plays – good browsing – wonderful breakfast and a good sleep too.  Thanks,
– The McL’s

June 18/13  Lovely and comfortable, – enjoyed it immensely.
– G & D

June 22/13  We enjoyed our stay so much, it was nice having the space to ourselves.  Breakfast was amazing.  Great hosts, lovely B & B.  Thank you so much.
– C, J, K and S

June 28/13  Thank you for a lovely stay!  Your B & B was the perfect place to stay before K & B’s wedding, so cozy.
– A

June 29, 2013  Great ambiance, friendly interesting helpful hosts.  It was a pleasure to stay with you and as an added plus we had a restful sound sleep.  Thanks.
– B & H.

July 6/13  It is with heavy hearts that the sands of time have passed through the intractable threshold and force us to depart.  How pleasant a sanctuary these walls have made, the hourglass’s turns have brought giddy timbres and solemn gravitas both beyond measure.  With hours yet to amble away before we move forward and o’er the river and through the woods, back to the City again, home again, jiggedy-jigg, we go, we give thanks for the blithe spirit endowed by these stately confines, where we, newly refined friends, family and lovers, have had the privilege to recline.
– William Hartley R, the Lady Jane R; Caroline SR; Sheelin MW and Henry Leo M = scattered transplants from each side of the Atlantic (names used by permission)